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All our products are handcrafted in our workshop which is located 50 minutes from Montreal, in the small town of Saint-Chrysostome, in Western Montérégie, Quebec. There, we acquired a bright building in 2017 conducive to the permanent development of our facilities.

There never is a dull moment at the workshop! We take care of everything from idea to marketing: design, mouldmaking and design, mix preparation, casting, demoulding, finishing, sales, packaging and shipping. We manage every step of the process, from our workshop to you.

We focus on direct selling to keep in close contact with our customers.

Our Strengths 


We have developed a manufacturing process that densifies the concrete and minimizes its porosity. This is reflected in the quality of our products.

/ Precision 

We manufacture our entire production with the help of moulds and hat moulds, enabling a controlled hollowing of the part. This technique ensures a high level of precision and a dimensional control of parts, both on the outside and the underside. This significant detail makes it possible to efficiently manage projects with pre-submitted drawings and to ensure that the finished part will truly reflect the approved drawings. Therefore, when building or renovating your bathroom, you have the flexibility to install brackets we will have previously provided you with (for a floating wall mount sink) prior to sink delivery, taking advantage of open walls (since brackets are generally installed on wall studs). You can also start the manufacturing of your cabinet in parallel with that of the sink. 

Green practices

Our sink moulds are configurable and reusable, thus producing very little waste. In addition, our mix is 85% locally sourced and 40% from post-consumer recycled materials.


We are very proud of the clean lines and natural finish of our products. This aesthetics we have forged over the years reflects our vision of concrete and is aligned with the values we hold dear every day: authenticity, simplicity and finesse.  


We carry a wide variety of sink models, both in fixed and configurable sizes, in a great range of 11 colours. Our products are intended for both the residential and commercial/institutional markets.

/ Collaboration

Our approach is professional, efficient and friendly. We are quick to provide you with all the information you need to plan and execute your project.

Our products

Concrete Bathroom countertop vessel sinks and wall-hung washbasins

Concrete Bathroom Customizable countertop trough sinks

Concrete Bathroom Backsplashes
Concrete Bathtubs

For more information, please contact us at: 514-886-2444, [email protected]