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Pur Béton is a love story between a craftsman, founder Paul Rosa with multiple talents and passions, and concrete, a substance with infinite possibilities.

Creating a mix to shape the unusual, pushing the boundaries of moulding, designing textures and refining finishes is an art at the frontier of engineering. A daily technical and creative challenge. 

A professional graphic designer and entrepreneur, Catherine Fréchette didn’t hesitate one second in joining Rosa at the helm of Pur Béton. Her touch can be felt in every sphere of the company.

Since 2009, Pur Béton is a leader standing out for the quality of its finishes as well as the elegance of its pieces.

"We are passionate about concrete — so much so that we have dedicated our lives to it! Nearly untamable this material has inimitable qualities that make it alive in our eyes. Working with concrete calls for a communion between the artisan and the matter; once a piece is taken out of the mould, we are inevitably drawn to its unique marks and effects of its transformation. Each piece irrevocably abides by the laws of gravity and chemistry, giving it a soothing humanity and authenticity." 

For over 10 years we have been hand-casting thousands of concrete parts of all sizes, shapes and functions.

With this know-how, we are now directing our energies on developing a collection of distinct products that meet our desire to maximize concrete's finest properties. Unadorned, Rituel collection is notable for it simple sharp-edged clean shapes that should stand the test of time while being timeless.

Though every piece in this collection is made with great care and precision, no two are identical. Each has its own marks, nuances and charms and will blend in your environment like an organic, engaging and... useful work of art. 

All our products are fully designed and manufactured in our workshop. We are happy to ship them within and outside Canada.

Our flagship products:

  • Concrete Bathroom Sinks: countertop vessel sinks and washbasins, wall-hung washbasins, bathroom concrete countertops with integrated sinks
  • Concrete Bathroom Backsplashes
  • Concrete Bathtubs

For more information, please contact us:  514-886-2444  [email protected]